This trip will bring you to 3 beautiful destination at Eastern Kalimantan, Merabu village - Merasa village, and Derawan Island. Witness the mystique and greatness of Merabu, a hidden gem in Borneo that offers lush tropical forest, green hills and karst caves all in one place. Famous for its prehistoric caves and its eco conscious indigenous tribe, Merabu is truly worth a visit.

Merasa Feeling Village is a village for the Uma Baha Dayak tribe which can be reached in 1.5 hours from Merabu. In this area there are various tourist objects that are a pity to miss. Starting from the Jenum Falls tourist area, Batu Lungun Cave (an old cemetery), to Orangutan Island.

Still in the same province, Derawan has a variety of beautiful beaches. feel the sensation of spending the night in a beachfront hotel. Have a closer look at the jellyfish, on Kakaban Island. and have a visit a small island of fine white sand where the sea-turtle hatchlings are kept, on Sangalaki Island, .

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Day 1

We will learn about the culture and daily activities of the villagers, most of whom are the Lebo Dayak tribe. In Merabu Village, they use a solar power plant as a source of electricity. In addition, we can also see an integrated agriculture, namely Doko'Lemu, where in this place there is a combination of cattle and goat farming with vegetable farming.

Day 2

Ketepu Peak, one of the point of view point if we want to see the range of Karst Sangkulirang-Mangkalihat mountains. Enjoying the sunrise or sunset is equally beautiful from the top of Ketepu Peak. We can see the Hornbill Birds that often fly on the side of the hill before returning to relax on the tree canopy. After spending time at Puncak Ketepu, we will go down to Lake Nyadeng where we can take a bath and relax.

Day 3

We will explore a prehistoric cave. Beloyot Cave and Lungun Cave became the first destination. This cave holds ancient traces of thousands of years. In the Lungun Cave there are traditional Dayak tombs placed in the cave. After leaving the cave, we will return to Merabu, visit Merabu woven crafts and interact with the local community. In the afternoon, we will also visit Merasa Village and have a lovely night there

Day 4

We can interact with local communities and learn about their culture at Merasa Village. Next we go to Tanjung Batu then cross to Derawan Island and spend the night there

Day 5

The underwater beauty of the Derawan Islands is an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. We will visit several locations that have become icons of the Derawan Islands. Then the next morning back home to Jakarta.