Indonesia produces more than 5.6 million tons of plastic waste annually. That is the equivalent to around 40.000 blue whales, the largest creature on earth. The waste that Jakarta produces is about 7000 tons per day. It mostly comes from domestic waste. Indonesia become the second largest food waster in the world. Less than 10% waste is recycled and used again.

With Sebumi Weekend Workshop “Waste” series, we raise your awareness about the importance of doing trash sorting at home. We give you knowledge on how we could turn waste into something useful.


Activity 1 : Comprehensive Explanation and Get to Know About Our Flow of Waste

The activity begins with an explanation of the waste, facts and data about the waste we produce, the impact of the present and the future. We will also see how our garbage flows, where we produce our garbage, and what happens to it.

Activity 2 : Practice Waste Management

After listening to the explanation about garbage. We will tour the LabTanya, see the waste management that is there. How is the garbage thrown away, how can it be processed into something of more value, and can be reused by us.

Activity 3 : Home Composting Workshop / Soap Making

After touring, we will try to do compost on a home scale. We will learn about compost, how to get started, what materials are needed, how it works, and the use of compost itself.