Energy is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. Fossil fuel mainly powers the energy sector, with coal responsible for almost half of the carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. We use energy for our daily lives such as your transportation needs, powering your home, etc, and we can make these more sustainable! In this workshop, you will learn about renewable energy and how it will benefit you more than using fossil fuel. You will also get the chance to create a personal mini solar panel to power up your phone! Take a step to start making individual changes!


Activity 1 : Comprehensive Explanation About Renewable Energy

The first session will begin with an explanation of renewable energy. We will hear about what renewable energy is, renewable energy sources, their impact and potential in the future.

Activity 2 : Tour Around The House with Minimal Energy Usage

We will tour the Reduhouse. See how to design and build energy-friendly homes, by making effective use of energy to meet the energy needs of the house. We will also get tips about saving energy (electricity) in our homes which can later save our expenses.

Activity 3 : Workshop : Create Mini Solar Panel Models (Powerbank), Calculate Energy Consumpting Making Something From Battery Waste

After learning about renewable energy. This time we will try to make one form of utilization of renewable energy. We will make mini solar panels that can later convert solar heat into electricity. And this mini solar panel can be used as a Powerbank!